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  • Contrast Demo Lab

    Were you aware that our Kansas City location, Contrast Equipment, has a fully functioning demo lab? Now, that might seem like we’re bragging (and maybe we are a little) but the truth is that gives you enormous power when making financial decisions for your company. How so? Believing that something is going to lead to a return is great, and hopefully that comes to fruition. But, seeing it happen from start to finish and proving that return gives peace of mind when preparing to make an investment.

    The Contrast Equipment’s demo lab was built, originally, in the late 80’s as an innovative solution to a problem that many of the salesman of the time had. How do we provide a demonstration of the new technology and equipment in a controlled environment? While this provided a solution to that question, it ended up just being part of what the demo lab would be used for over the years.

    In addition to providing a perfect showcase for the latest and greatest technologies, Contrast Equipment’s demo lab has hosted vendor showcases and classes over the years. In fact, annually one customer has new painters attend a paint class at the Contrast Equipment demo lab, so the usefulness of the lab has evolved. The biggest evolution, however, was using the lab to prove process and return on investment (ROI).

    Giving life to a customer’s idea, the Contrast Equipment demo lab can test a process and prove ROI. We’re often called to help improve productivity in a customer’s shop. The hope is by adding or altering a process and equipment, they can improve production.

    What could the Contrast Equipment demo lab do for your business? Could adding new technology or a full system eliminate wasted time and material from your production? Call or email today to start the discussion with your local sales representative.

  • Is Your Current Process Costing You?

    Customers often hesitate at the suggestion of a paint line audit. It’s common that we hear “We’ve been doing it this way for years.” While this is a common approach, it is short sighted. Having a set of expert eyes observe your application process is a wonderful way to eliminate overspray and maximize the transfer efficiency of your current equipment. Our experts can also make suggestions of new technologies and equipment that could save you even further. But, regardless of if your goal is to find the best new equipment for your material or to maximize efficiency and minimize waste with your current equipment, an expert paint line product from CCIS, Contrast and Midway will pay for itself.

    Do me a favor. Stroll down to your paint booth when you’ve finished reading this and look around for overspray. Is there a lot? What overspray means to the owner is cash. It’s cash in the form of a coating that didn’t end up on the part. Anyone dispensing fluid is going to have some overspray, and some technologies do a better job of transfer efficiency than others. That said, usually when overspray is occurring in a large volume, there are some changes that can be made either in the process or equipment that will reduce how much paint never hits a part.

    Often times we find that the processes that take place in a shop are handed down from painter to painter. They’re often not written down and the goal is to paint the part as quickly as possible. Sometimes the guns and pumps aren’t set up correctly. Sometimes the painter themselves are not positioned properly. This can lead to uneven coating and overspray, both of which unnecessarily cost you money!

    An expert paint line audit will provide a detailed account of the material being used, specifically its viscosity and the results currently being achieved. The expert auditor will then suggest changes to the paint line manager and maintenance to make and observe those changes. These can range from tips, to pressures, to painter positioning. The audit will conclude by explaining what changes were made and what results came from those changes. If the customer is exploring new technologies and equipment, the next step to the project will be outlined as well.

    Paint line audits are an incredible way to find ways to save you money! In addition to eliminating waste you will often times find that the changes suggested allow for a much more consistent and repeatable process in your finishing line.


    Call 1-855-ASK-CCIS to schedule your audit!

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